Jana seva samruddi Education and rural development Society(R) registration number:BSK/4/00003/2013-14 is a social-cultural organization started in 2-4-2013 for the search of permanent solution for all orphange & child labours.MR MAHESH GOWDA,president of the trust,during his early childhood lost his parents,being an orpan,he faced lot of difficulties for survival inturn made a decision to do social work and founded this trust. we are non-profit organization working for the enlightment of under privileged children and helpless people also.our organization taking responsibilities for orphange childrens, single parent childrens,children devoid of education due to their poverty, preventing child labour & creating awarness about it.we are providing facilities like education,employment,nutritional Food,Clothes & Shelter etc..irrespective of caste,creed,religion.the lack of parents leaves the characters to pursue more interesting and adventurous lives,by freeing them from family obligations and controls,and depriving them of more prosaic lives.it creates characters that are self-contained and introspective and who strive for affection. Orphans can metaphorically search for self-understanding through attempting to know their roots.


How children eat will have a striking impact on their health throughout adolescence and adulthood.Childhood is the period when both body and mind grow faster than ever, Hence nutritious food is essential to their growth. We at Needs Charitable Trust understand this and provide nutritious food as per the taste of the children in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. During School time our children have access to food sent in their lunch and as soon as they come back to the orphanage we provide nutritious snacks at the evening at Jana seva orphanage. we ensure that the food given to our children meet proper quality and quantity.


Education is most important tool for survival which molds them into responsible citizen of our society and country. Jana seva Trust ensures that all our children have access to schooling through the mainstream Kannada and English medium schools. We are providing them the uniform, shoes, books, lunch box, water bottle etc; Our staff volunteers to drop the children at school and also to pick them up from school back to the centre. Morning we are guiding them to get ready to the school and evening we are helping them to their other activities. In Holidays, most of the time we are providing them to enjoy their childhood through other activities like games, storytelling and so on apart from their education..


One who has self respect can respect others. Respect one’s own body is most important part of self respect. Medical awareness is essential to respect the body so we are organising medical camps in different level..

Our mission


JSSERDS is non-profit organization and we are not affliated with any government or religious organization We are very thankful to receive funds from the programs by our volunteers.

Children at risk


This is non-profit Organization. As of now we take care of 35 kids, we provide them education,food and medical facilities.We have even provided employment to those who have finished there studies in college from our Orphanage.

How we help